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P.S. I’ve decided to get pet rats as soon as I can afford it I’m so excited. 

comfort eating my sorrows away

spent over 20 minutes surfing tumblr and I already feel sick and angry.

I’ve decided staring at my fishtank while listening to ghibli soundtracks is one of my new favourite past times.

cuddlesandthings: Be my friend?

if only friendship were that easy…



Wagilak people

Australia 1944/1948 – 2005

Crocodile and Cyprus Pine1997synthetic polymer paint; canvas synthetic polymer paint
200 h x 128 w cm 

(via painlessaward)

last night me and ephraim watched howl’s moving castle cause I heard the theme song in a shop earlier in the day. I’m so glad he liked it!

My first weave.

Mameshibbaaaa brooch

Bulba bulba bulbasaur! The first thing I ever needle felted!

I’ve chosen to start specializing in textiles and print at uni. Who would’ve thought…


blue pattern

(via aeoni-um)

(via aeoni-um)

Taking it upon myself to read more graphic novels cause that counts right???