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I was gonna be getting some rats this weekend but the person just told me they can’t drop them off til the 17th. Agghhh I can’t wait that long!

I get so horrifically jealous at seeing my friends on Facebook on worldly adventures but I know I’ve made my own choices and I’m happy so it’s OK.

That beautiful day when me and my mates cosplayed for the 25th Zelda anniversary. We aren’t professional but we worked super hard and our effort paid off because we had a great day as “celebrities” and won a few prizes!

P.S. I’ve decided to get pet rats as soon as I can afford it I’m so excited. 

comfort eating my sorrows away

spent over 20 minutes surfing tumblr and I already feel sick and angry.

I’ve decided staring at my fishtank while listening to ghibli soundtracks is one of my new favourite past times.

cuddlesandthings: Be my friend?

if only friendship were that easy…



Wagilak people

Australia 1944/1948 – 2005

Crocodile and Cyprus Pine1997synthetic polymer paint; canvas synthetic polymer paint
200 h x 128 w cm 

(via painlessaward)

last night me and ephraim watched howl’s moving castle cause I heard the theme song in a shop earlier in the day. I’m so glad he liked it!

My first weave.

Mameshibbaaaa brooch

Bulba bulba bulbasaur! The first thing I ever needle felted!

I’ve chosen to start specializing in textiles and print at uni. Who would’ve thought…