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The Armies Gather by Maryanna Hoggatt aka animalbattle on Tumblr

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got told that I look like a young kate bush by some drunk middle aged men. I’ll go with that.


by Katie Jones

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I wish I drove so I could go pick up my rats already! They’re all the way in Shrewsbury!

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Rene Magritte, the fanatics

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Iggy better be sleeping with one eye open racist ass gringo wonder bread low fat frozen yogurt eating ugly squidward cracker bitch


This is pretty bad and offensive to some people. but fuck whoever accuses someone of being racist while hurling racist slurs at the same time. That’s just not helping anyone.

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Tapestry Weavings via

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me and my 3 rats

I just blitzed my room so it’s clean and dust free ready for my rats. Gotta try and keep it that way til they get here!

I was gonna be getting some rats this weekend but the person just told me they can’t drop them off til the 17th. Agghhh I can’t wait that long!