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peter hunt’s cape cod cookbook

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tank update 2

I mentioned in my last post that I would not be able to put a betta fish in my 35 litre but since I still have my heart set on getting such a beautiful fish, I have this really cute 19 litre set up and cycling. I’m really loving how much more peaceful this tank looks in comparison to my other one and hopefully it will be suitable for a Betta fish in the near future. I’ve set this one up in our “living room” since we spend more time in here and I hear that Betta fish are more “sociable” and like to be able to see people and interact etc. This tank should cycle a lot quicker than my first with the help of some established media!

tank update!

As you can see, my 35 litre has grown in… a lot! I’ve replaced and added a couple more plants and they’re really taking over. It makes cleaning a little more difficult but the Gaylords ( 5 Glowlight (Hengels) Rasbora) really love zipping in and out amongst the leafy tendrils. They’re doing really well, even more so after I lost one (RIP) which is strange. They’re always doing courting dances with each other which is really mesmerizing to watch.

I’ve recently added 3 otocinclus catfish and I’m constantly worrying about them because I know they’re super sensitive. Definitely making sure I keep up on water changes. Their bellies look nice and full though cause I do have quite a lot of algae growth since I had to move the tank closer to the window. They’re pretty cute (though my boyfriend doesn’t like the way they stick up on the glass) It’s only a few days so hopefully they’ll survive!

Soon I’ll be adding red cherry shrimp and I hope for more success since my tank is more established (RIP The Cramp Twins)

This tank is pretty much fully stocked now and watching the Gaylords moving around EVERYWHERE makes me think that it isn’t the best place for a Betta as I originally intended instead of the Ottos. Maybe once everything is settled I could consider a pair of male guppies. But we shall see…


I hope the gorgeous chans get real famous, that’d be surreal. and cool of course. 

bagsying my place on the tour bus. (no but seriously I had a massive daydream earlier that they had to go to LA to record some stuff and I was like fuck it I’m coming too)

I’m writing my first ever university essay and it is going ok.

Midnight snack. :/

Eating salmon at midnight because if I don’t eat it now it will go off.

I am OK apart from being ill! Luckily I’ve been off uni. Go back on Monday though and I’m a bit nervous! I need to get some work done :—-( hope you are OK too! OH ALSO today I nipped into a shop that sells lots of Tin Tin merch and French clothing for extortionate prices! I was tempted to get a tote bag cause they were only £5 and defs the cheapest thing there.

I’ve been pretty ill the past few days and I’ve been stuck at home or at work (bbbrrr). But today I got the day off and I needed to get some fresh air and exercise cause I’m finding it hard to breathe. I ended up going to the pet store and finally buying an otocinclus catfish. The shop only had one but he’s in my tank now and he’s the cutest guy just sucking up all the algae! My other fish (the gaylords)aren’t bothering him for now which is a relief cause I know they can be bastards sometimes. Gonna try and get a couple more otos in the week cause they like to be in groups! But for now just keeping a close eye on Özil (that’s what I called him) cause I know they’re a little sensitive and need super clean water.



Squeaky? Lol

JUST SAW THIS lol keratin of course

Lol so long agooo! When I was actually on tumblr…

John Wizards - Muizenberg

Video by Sebastian Borckenhagen

GREAT band GREAT video

(warning: flashing images)


An early sketch for the John Wizards - Lusaka by Night music video (2013). My original idea was to have it look like a side-scrolling computer game. 

(Check out the music video I made for their song Muizenberg.)


Le passeur

21 x 29,7cm, ink on paper, Kevin Lucbert, 2014.

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Japanese Book Cover: Mashiko Tourist Guide. Ryotaro Sasame / Sprout. 2013

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Cats suggested as the fifty three stations of the Tokaido - Utagawa Kuniyoshi